Thursday, 14 August 2008

shutting up heaven's door

Once upon a time, Iesus began to preach, "Goode men, for Godes luve, repent, leave off youre sinne, for the kingdome of heauen is at hand, hevenriche is now here. But woe vnto you, religious hypocrites; Yee shut vp the kingdom of heauen against robberes and pillagers and quellers of men's lives, against lechers and fornicators and traders who ply men with lies, yet yee neither goe in your selues, and your sinne diminishes hevenriche's joy."

mashed sauces

The inspiratory source for this mash is a few lines from a piece of Medieval English verse called "Going to Hell" -- "Goode men, for Godes luve, bileveth suche sinne, For at then ende it binimeth hevenriche winne" -- in which the word's "hevenriche" means kingdom of heaven, and "winne", joy. Binimeth might be taken to mean diminish.

The other two sources for this mash are scriptural and come both from Matthew's gospel. I've opted for the 1611 KJV translation, thereby mashing together a medieval English with an early modern English. The verses in question are Matthew 4:17 and Matthew 23:13.

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