Friday, 9 November 2007

scrip_pop #1: Sit Down, James

To those who find themselves religious
who seek the religion that is pure and faultless
Sit down next to me, and listen:

Those who feel the breath of sadness
to look on orphans and widows in their distress,
Sit down next to me, for I am them.

Those who find they're touched by madness
in trying to keep from being polluted by this world,
Sit down next to me, for I am clean.

Those who find themselves ridiculous
Who hope that God exists,
Who hope, who pray,
Sit down next to me
Whether in love, in fear, in hate, in tears
Or in sympathy for who I am.

mashed sauces

I've discovered that mashups can act as a form on meditating on the Word; a form of looking intently into the perfect law. The opening phrase of these couple of verses from James 1:26-27 triggered the memory of the song Sit Down by UK band James. The name irony is of course purely coincidental, but also somewhat, if I may say, sublime.

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