Monday, 19 November 2007

scrip_pop #2: we didn't start the tongue's fire

The tongue is a fire that we didn't start:
A world of evil among the body's parts;
A world of fire always burning
Ever since the world's been turning.

The tongue corrupts the whole of a person
Sets the whole course of life on fire.
E'en though the fire's one we didn't light,
Yet it's a fire we're trying to fight.
But in vain, for it was set by hell
The tongues of which no man can quell.

mashed sauces

Is this mash a bit cheesy? Well, if you're going to mash-up Billy Joel, then you're asking for it. Recognise the We didn't start the fire chorus from the Stormfront album?

Continuing with me mash-ups from the New Testament epistle of James, this come from 3:6, with a very interesting linkup of the tongue with hell.

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